Small Town Records is an independent label based in the UK. Predominantly active between 2005 and 2015 the label is known best for releasing EPs and Albums across a range of genres including metal, rock, hardcore, pop-punk and emo.

Having started out as a small project - the label has grown to become one of the best known independent labels in the UK.

Alumni: (in alphabetical order)

Acres,  A Destructive Issue,  And Their Eyes Were Bloodshot,  Blacktop,  Campus,  Climates, Data.Select.Party,  Devil Sold His Soul,  Dividing The Line,  The Elijah,  Failsafe,  Fei Comodo,  The First, Flood of Red,  Floods,  Hey Vanity,  The Hype Theory,  Lock & Key,  My Awesome Compilation, Paige,  Palm Reader,  Penknifelovelife,  Phinius Gage,  Rig Up Explosive,  Shadows Chasing Ghosts,  Templeton Pek,  This City,  Trophy Scars,  Violet,  While She Sleeps,  With One Last Breath